Amazing health benefits of Chinese Tai Chi Exercise 

A team of medical researchers from various institutions in China conducted a study to compare the effects of Tai Chi exercise and regular physical exercises on blood pressure in individuals with hypertension.

The study, published in “JAMA Network”, included 349 adult volunteers who were divided into two groups: one group practiced Tai Chi exercise four times a week for a year, and the other group performed regular physical exercises with the same frequency. Blood pressure measurements were taken at the beginning, after six months, and after 12 months of the study.

The results showed that Tai Chi exercise had a greater impact on reducing blood pressure in individuals with the condition compared to regular physical exercises.

Fewer individuals in the Tai Chi group experienced high blood pressure compared to those in the regular exercise group.

This indicates the potential benefits of Tai Chi in managing pre-hypertension.

These findings are consistent with previous research indicating that exercise (those increasing respiration and heart rate) can prevent the development of hypertension in individuals with high blood pressure, and there have also been reports that Tai Chi exercise has almost the same effect.

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