Analysts Uncover Terror Groups’ plans in the Dark Continent

Analysts are uncovering terrifying increases in terrorist activities across West Africa’s Sahel region and several countries in the continent’s east. Terrorist groups have grown, evolved, fragmented, and reformed themselves, especially as East African countries face significant challenges in combating terrorism, with the phenomenon being one of the most pressing security issues in the region.

Wide Warning

Experts in African affairs and international terrorism have warned of a surge in terrorist operations in East Africa in 2024 due to the lack of developmental and intellectual policies and the absence of security coordination among countries. This has led to the expansion of extremist organizations, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

For decades, these countries have provided billions of dollars in security assistance, training thousands of African military personnel, establishing dozens of bases, and deploying their special forces in a wide range of missions.

Terrorist activities in Africa have noticeably increased over the past twelve months, accounting for nearly half of all terrorist acts worldwide, according to the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Organization.

Statistics published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, a research institute affiliated with the US Department of Defense, showed that nearly 4,000 people fell victim to terrorist attacks in Africa in 2023, marking a 19% increase compared to 2022, with the total number rising from 19,000 to 23,000.

Widespread Presence in Africa

International affairs researcher Mohammed Al-Dihi confirms that Al-Qaeda is spreading in East Africa, especially in the terrorist movement Al-Shabaab in Somalia. Despite the relative successes achieved by the Somali government in countering terrorism, the movement still poses a threat to international and Somali efforts.

In the past two years, East Africa has witnessed the expansion of ISIS, especially on the borders with Tanzania and Rwanda. The intense activity of the organization in this region is attributed to the loose borders between these countries and the lack of security coordination. Furthermore, the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa faces the armed group March 23 linked to ISIS.

The lack of developmental aspects in countering terrorism in Africa, where countries facing the phenomenon have not yet provided any developmental projects, alongside the absence of intellectual and cultural dimensions, is a warning of the danger of coordination between Al-Qaeda and ISIS in some areas, threatening peace and security on the continent.

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