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Yemeni Analyst Reveals Details of Houthi Terrorist plans in the Red Sea

A Yemeni analyst has unveiled the aggression of Iran-backed Houthi militias against maritime navigation in the southern regional waters, targeting southerners and ports to impede supplies.

Houthi Plan

The Houthi group initiated its military actions in the southern Red Sea region by targeting commercial ships, striking some, and besieging others. The group realized that, as in its entire history, it was engaging in activities that constituted a breach of international law and were contrary to the United Nations Charter and various international treaties on trade and navigation through international waters, all under the guise of supporting Palestinian resistance and countering the Israeli enemy and its crimes against Palestinians.

Houthi Terrorism


Dr. Eidroos Al-Naqeeb, a Yemeni political analyst, says that what the Houthis are doing with their acts of piracy serves neither Palestinian resistance nor harms the Zionist entity. On the contrary, through their foolishness or what they consider bravery, which has nothing to do with bravery, they are exposing the southern region of the Red Sea, and the entire area, to endless risks, and they are providing Israel and its allies with a free pass to dominate international trade routes in the region.

He added that by their terrorist acts, the Houthis serve Zionist media by portraying to the world that only terrorists stand in solidarity with Palestinians, thus confirming Zionist propaganda that Palestinian resistance is a terrorist movement.


He emphasized that what the Houthis are doing amounts to outright piracy, blatant terrorism, and terrorism par excellence, besides being a suicidal venture that affects not only them but also drags all countries bordering the Red Sea, including Yemen, into endless consequences. This is no different from what Iran does in the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz whenever it wants to send political messages for the purpose of blackmailing international powers and global centers of influence.

He also pointed out that what the Houthis are doing is a terrorist act for several reasons: firstly, it occurs in an area of international waters; secondly, it targets ships and tankers that are not military and often have no connection to Israel; and thirdly, claiming to support Palestinian resistance is an obvious lie, as these actions, as we have said, neither advance nor hinder what Israeli leaders plan to uproot the Palestinian people from their land. The only efforts that will thwart these diabolical maneuvers are the Palestinians’ relentless struggle to defend their land, history, and Arab-Palestinian identity, not the childish antics that the Houthis and their Iranian masters believe have dazzled the preachers of truth, while they engage in against their own people what the Zionist state does to Palestinians.

He regretted that some Palestinian forces are being duped by these childish acts without realizing that the Houthis are serving Israel and its allies in a way they may not know, or perhaps they do know.


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