Arab and international welcome of the results of Al’Ula summit in Saudi Arabia

In their final statement of the Al’Ula summit in Saudi Arabia, the leaders of the Gulf states affirmed
the importance of recurring the Gulf joint work to its normal way
and to maintain security and stability in the region
The signing of Al’Ula declaration welcomed on Arab and international side
Indeed, Morocco showed its satisfaction with the results of this summit
and the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared in a statement
that, on the basis of what links the Moroccan King Mohammed VI to his brothers, the leaders of the Arab Gulf States
with close relationships and sincere affection
Morocco hopes that these steps
would be the beginning of unification and the establishment of mutual trust
and overcome the crisis to strengthen the unity of the Gulf countries
On its part, the Palestinian presidency welcomed and appreciated the constant positions of the States of the GCC
to support the Palestinian cause, according to what was declared in the Al’Ula summit statement
While Djibouti welcomed the success of the summit of the Cooperation Council for the Gulf’s Arab States
that would help deal the principal challenges facing the region
The World Muslim League also congratulated the leaders and peoples of the GCC countries
on the solidarity deal at the summit of Sultan Qabus and Sheikh Sabah in Al’Ula

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