Arab backing for Morocco’s measures at the Guerguerat crossing

Support for Morocco’s procedures at the Guerguerat crossing
is expressed by many Gulf countries and Arab countries
The United Arab Emirates confirmed their solidarity with Morocco and they supported the decision of the King Mohammed VI
to stop the intervention illegal in the buffer zone of Guerguerat
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
has expressed its condemnation of the desperate and unacceptable provocations and actions
that have occurred on last October 21
These acts constitute a major violation of the deal concluded and a real threat to the security and stability of the region
Saudi Arabia said that it supports measures taken by Morocco
to establish freedom of civil and commercial movement in the Guerguerat buffer zone
in the Moroccan Sahara
Jordan affirmed its position with Morocco
in all the measures that it takes
to protect its territorial integrity and security
The Sultanate of Oman
and Kuwait have also expressed their support for Morocco
in the procedures that it has taken
to protect its security and sovereignty on its territories
On its part, the General Secretariat
of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
supported the procedures that has taken by Morocco to guarantee
freedom of civil and commercial movement in the region
and condemned any movement threatening circulation
in this region linking Morocco and Mauritania,
and appealing for non-escalation, and respect for decisions of international legitimacy
Besides, the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Dr. Nayef Falah Al-Hajraf
expressed the support of the council countries for the measures that has taken by the Kingdom
to ensure the passage of goods and people normally
and without obstacle in the buffer zone of Guerguerat
by confirming the strict position of the GCC countries to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco
The Moroccan army announced that the Guerguerat crossing linking Morocco and Mauritania
became completely secured
according to clear rules based on the principle of not touching a civilian

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