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Arab Coalition: A mine planted by the Houthi militia in the Red Sea

The Arab Coalition reported on Thursday that a mine planted by the Houthi militia supported by Iran in the Red Sea. It should be noted that the Houthi militia is now in dispute with the government of Yemen recognized by the UN and supported by the Arab Coalition and has been accused of many assaults against Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, Arab Coalition forces declared on Sunday that they intercept and destroyed an explosive-laden drone on Yemeni airspace. It was launched by the Houthis in the Kingdom.

It was also reported that Houthis have also threatened to explode an abandoned vessel that contains big amounts of oil in the Red Sea.

Otherwise, UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, demanded this month the Houthis to allow an evaluation group to travel to the Safer, which is a degenerating oil ship and it’s probably to spill 1.1 million barrels of crude oil next to the coast of Yemen.

For more than five years, the Safer ship has been blocked in the Red Sea oil of Yemen in the terminal of Ras Issa.

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