Al-Sarraj faces protests with imprisonment, live ammunition, and calls for international investigation

The deterioration of living conditions and services,
Frequent electricity and water cuts and lack of fuel
are all reasons that have conducted to the anger of the Libyan people against the government of Fayez al-Sarraj
so the Libyan people organized a large protests with calls for the resignation of the government of Al-Wefaq.
The authorities and the militias met this anger with repression and fired live ammunition,
so they closed all the roads leading to Martyrs place and arrested a large number of demonstrators
The Al-Wefaq Government withdrew the police and replaced them with “Al-Nawasi” and “Al-Radaa” militias.
who separated the demonstrators with live munitions and entered to their homes near Tripoli
According to sources and witnesses
Turkish investigators assaulted Libyan activists during the investigation
The August 23 movement leading the protests in the capital, Tripoli,
condemned attacks on protesters in Martyrs place and masked men exposure fire to him.
and considered Al-Sarraj and his interior minister, Fathi Bashagha, responsible for the safety of the demonstrators.
and it called for an investigation about the violations of the Libyan demonstrators
Turkey supervises treatment of protesters from operating theater in Tripoli
It also sends security group to Libya as protests increase.
Will these protests end Al-Sarraj and his government?

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