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Arab Coalition damaged explosive-laden drone launched by Houthi toward Saudi Arabia

State news agency SPA related on Wednesday that the Arab Coalition interrupted and damaged an explosive-laden drone launched by the Houthi militia backed by Iran in Yemen toward Saudi Arabia.

In the same context, SPA declared that the Coalition’s spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki reported: The Coalition’s joint forces intercepted and destroyed on Wednesday morning an explosive-laden drone launched by the terrorist Houthi militia in a deliberate attempt to target civilian objects and civilians in the southern region [of Saudi Arabia].

Before that, the Coalition also blocked and damaged an explosive-laden drone that attacked Saudi Arabia by the Houthis on Tuesday, and also another drone launched toward the Kingdom on Sunday.

Reuters declared in a report that a Houthi military spokesman said on Sunday that the militia launched an assault with drones on Saudi Abha International Airport, and the spokesman Yahya Sarea reported that it aimed at military sites and sensitive targets which were accurately hit.

Cross-border attacks by Iran-aligned Houthi forces have escalated since late May when a ceasefire provoked by the coronavirus pandemic expired. In late June, missiles reached the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Recently and since late May, Cross-border assaults by Houthi forces aligned with Iran have increased when a ceasefire because of the coronavirus pandemic expired, and in late June, projectiles arrived at the Saudi capital Riyadh.

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