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Arab MPs and Politicians: Israel violates international laws and civil rights

Israel is violating international laws and civil rights, leading to intense Arab anger due to the ongoing violations by the Israeli occupation

Human rights activists consider these violations as disregarding international law and insist that a different approach should be taken. This comes amid international calls for the formation of a specialized committee to document the crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people.

Human rights violations

Tarek Radwan, the head of the Human Rights Committee in the Egyptian Parliament, stated that Israel has engaged in provocation and violations by invading the Al-Aqsa Mosque. These actions represent a clear and explicit violation of the principles of the United Nations Charter, particularly in the context of the recent attacks on Gaza.

Radwan added that Israel is in violation of all civil and political rights established globally since 1940. The ongoing attempts and blatant violations of human rights in Gaza are clear, yet the Western world remains silent and biased in favor of Israel, particularly the United States, which is tasked with safeguarding Israel’s security, a position that is entirely rejected both in form and content.

The Chairman of the Human Rights Committee in the Egyptian Parliament continued: “We have expressed this perspective through the legislative institutions and addressed the European Parliament or the US Congress to present this clear and explicit vision. The current bias and strange silence of the West towards the violations occurring in Gaza is nothing more than a clear application of double standards.”

Steadfast Egyptian role

Amr Al-Qatami, Secretary of the Economic Affairs Committee in the Egyptian Parliament, stated that Egypt has a consistent stance on the Palestinian issue, and thus no one will accept any bidding on Egypt‘s stance. He called on the international community not to be biased and emphasized the need for a fair and comprehensive solution while ending Israeli settlement practices that aim to transform Palestine into isolated islands, preventing the establishment of the Palestinian state.

Al-Qatami pointed out that Egypt always seeks to unify the Palestinian ranks, and all positions are evidence of this. Egypt has hosted ten meetings for Palestinian factions with the aim of ending the division, arranging Palestinian affairs, rejecting Judaization, and warning against Israel’s plans for demographic change and the Judaization of Jerusalem. The Egyptian state consistently works toward building the future Palestinian state and strengthening political cohesion through ending the division, condemning settlement, and rejecting Judaization.

The Secretary of the Economic Affairs Committee in the Egyptian Parliament praised Egypt’s unwavering stance on the Palestinian issue and its role in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Throughout more than half a century, Egypt‘s name has been closely linked to the Palestinian cause, dictated by the considerations of Egyptian national security, as well as geographic, historical, and national ties with the Palestinian people.

Amr Al-Qatami stressed that Egypt has been and remains the greatest supporter of the first Arab cause as the largest Arab country. In pursuit of this role, Egypt has taken political measures to support the Palestinian cause from its inception. This includes the positions of its leaders and officials in regional and international forums and in the face of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people throughout history.

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