Are the Muslim Brotherhood returning to Iran’s embrace?

The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood movements in the Arab and Islamic world are witnessing significant developments.

According to political sources in Lebanon cited by the “Arabi 21” website, it is possible that strong cooperation between Tehran and the Brotherhood could revert to a pre-Arab Spring stage, characterized by setbacks and crises in this relationship over the past 10 years.

The sources revealed that meetings and communications are taking place between active Iranian figures and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in several Arab and Islamic capitals. The goal is to conduct a comprehensive review of the past period and to reach an understanding on how to address the new challenges facing the Arab and Islamic world today. The upcoming phase may witness more practical steps in this direction.

According to the website, the post-Arab Spring period, from 2010 until today, witnessed a significant decline in the relationship, despite Iranian officials expressing readiness to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood, who came to power in Tunisia and Egypt. There was a significant opportunity for strategic cooperation, but the Muslim Brotherhood did not respond to Iranian invitations. Disagreements emerged over events and developments in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and other countries. Relations and communications declined to a minimal level, with cooperation mostly limited to supporting the Palestinian cause through Hamas. While recent years saw contacts and reviews between the two parties with the aim of re-establishing cooperation and exploring further relationship development, substantial progress has not been achieved.

However, today it appears that there is a significant tendency within the Iranian leadership to re-strengthen communication and cooperation with Muslim Brotherhood movements in most Arab and Islamic countries. This has led to contacts and meetings between Iranian figures and Brotherhood leaders in several Arab and Islamic capitals, as well as some European capitals.

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