Al-Nassr: Ronaldo, from Sporting, the spectacular evolution of his salary 

Cristiano Ronaldo must feel much less alone now, having been something of a pioneer. Mocked, it must be said, upon his arrival at the Al-Nassr club, coming from Manchester United after a painful divorce. Confronted with the consequences of his remarks directed at his former rival at Barça, Xavi, he said: “I am the most searched player on the internet. When Xavi talks about me, he’s seeking publicity. He has won everything, but not a single Ballon d’Or. I have three. And he’s playing in Qatar. I don’t even know if he’s still playing.”

A groundbreaking contract in sports signed by Cristiano Ronaldo with Al-Nassr Cristiano Ronaldo chose Saudi Arabia, obviously not so much for the sporting challenge as for the promised remuneration, as he has secured a record-breaking and unprecedented contract in the sports world: two and a half years for €500 million. This is equivalent to a full season at €200 million (including image rights and bonuses), which is six and a half times more than what he was earning at Manchester United.

Where, it should be recalled, he was the highest-paid footballer in England, according to Sportune. When he signed in January, the offer generated a lot of discussion. Naturally. But since this summer and the successive transfers, starting with his former Madrid teammate and reigning Ballon d’Or holder, Karim Benzema, the practice has become somewhat normalized. Ronaldo remains a unique case nonetheless. The man of all superlatives, especially when it comes to his business, both in sports and beyond. A salary multiplied by 200 over 20 years of a successful sports career In almost exactly twenty years of a career rich in titles and money, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has seen his salary multiplied by 200. Who else can claim such a feat? In football, no one. From Sporting, which nurtured and revealed him to the professional world, to Al-Nassr now, Cristiano Ronaldo has experienced a linear progression, another sign of a career ascending towards this golden twilight in the Middle East.

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