Astronauts detect farthest, fastest radio burst to date

Astronauts have detected the farthest, fastest radio burst to date, which is a distant burst of cosmic radio waves that lasted for less than a millisecond, as reported by the British news agency “BBC Media.”

The extremely large telescope at the European Southern Observatory pinpointed the source of these waves in a galaxy so remote that its light took eight billion years to reach us.

It’s worth noting that this burst was one of the largest bursts ever detected in terms of energy, emitting the equivalent of the total emissions of the Sun over 30 years in a tiny fraction of a second.

Researchers have pointed out that this discovery confirms that fast radio bursts can be used to measure the missing matter between galaxies, providing a new way to measure the mass of the universe.

Current methods for estimating the mass of the universe provide conflicting and contradictory answers to the standard model of cosmology.

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