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Attempts by the Houthi Brotherhood to Infiltrate the Arab Coalition and Legitimacy and Seize the Wealth of Southern Yemen

The Houthi group and Houthi militias are attempting to infiltrate the Arab Coalition and its legitimacy and seize the wealth of southern Yemen

The terrorist Houthi militia is causing havoc among the Yemeni people. The Iranian-backed terrorist militia has made numerous attempts to take full control of Yemen, and recently it has been mobilizing its forces to exert strong control amid UN efforts for Saudi mediation aimed at ending the conflict in the country.

The militia is also seeking to gain economic control over Yemen’s resources in a direct attempt to steal from the people. They have seized control of several Yemeni ports and trade routes.

Emirati Telecom Company Disrupts the Houthis and the Brotherhood

Recently, southern media sources confirmed the arrival of a team of foreign experts to Aden, indicating that the team is conducting inspections of new station installation sites. The team will conduct a survey that includes the maritime areas linking the Gulf of Aden to the Arabian Sea.

The UAE aims to transfer an undersea cable from Socotra Island, which was previously connected by the UAE to its national telecommunications company, to Aden to operate the new company through the UAE’s international telecommunications number.

The Houthi Parliament seeks to prevent the deal to take complete control of Yemen’s telecommunications. Brotherhood and Houthi leaders seek to prevent the deal, especially since they control the country’s telecommunications and can shut off the internet for citizens at any time.

Yemeni Analyst: Crimes by the Brotherhood and Houthis Against the People Have Not Stopped

The Brotherhood and the Houthi against Legitimacy

At the same time, private sources confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia already controls all telecommunications and internet companies in Yemen, including “SabaFon,” the largest telecommunications operator in Yemen and affiliated with the Brotherhood group, with all of its assets, bank balances, and other investments.

The private sources confirmed that Hamid Al-Ahmar, a Brotherhood leader who controls much of the country’s economy and is also influential in parliament due to his extensive power, is seeking with the Houthi group to prevent the Arab Coalition and legitimacy by creating parliamentary and governmental disputes.

Yemeni journalist Yasser Al-Yafaei added that the Houthis have already taken control of all telecommunications companies in Yemen, including SabaFon, the largest telecommunications operator in Yemen, affiliated with the Brotherhood group, with all of its assets, bank balances, and other investments. However, we have not heard a peep from Hamid Al-Ahmar, Shouqi Al-Qadi, Ibrahim Haydan, or even Al-Barkani and Al-Mujali.

Al-Yafaei added that just discussing the establishment of a telecommunications company in Aden was seen as a disaster for these individuals. He wonders why the Houthi militia is deepening its presence in the north when, in reality, they have no opponents there. Instead, they are all in agreement on one thing: exploiting the south for their benefit, including infiltrating the Arab Coalition and legitimacy.

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