Australia: New Case of Avian Influenza in Poultry Farm

Officials announced on Thursday that a new case of highly contagious avian influenza has been detected in a poultry farm in the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia, one day after the country reported its first human case of the virus and the discovery of a strain in an egg production farm.

The human case in Australia, according to Reuters, is linked to the same strain of the H5N1 virus that spread rapidly worldwide, but the cases found on farms in Victoria State are of the H7N3 strain.

Authorities in Victoria linked the strain found on a poultry farm in the Terang area to that detected on an egg production farm in Meredith, stating that “the highly contagious H7N3 strain of avian influenza has resulted in the death of several poultry.”

They added that “the farm in Terang is directly linked to the Meredith farm, as management is common as well as staff and equipment.”

Victoria was also the site of the outbreak of the H7N7 strain in 2020, the latest of nine outbreaks of highly contagious avian influenza in the country since 1976.

The government claims that they have all been quickly contained and eliminated.

In the United States, officials confirmed yesterday Wednesday a second human case of avian influenza since the virus was first discovered in dairy cattle at the end of March.

The outbreak of the H5N1 strain in dairy cattle in at least nine US states since late March has raised concerns about its potential transmission to humans.

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