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Bahrain Interior Minister described the Qatari Coast Guard’s behavior as abuse and completely unacceptable

According to a statement from Bahrain’s interior minister, Bahrain declared it recently experienced an armed incident in the middle of the sea with Qatar’s Coast Guard, appealing the recent incident as abuse and totally unacceptable.

Since November 25, the tensions have been intensified when three Qatari coastguard ships stopped two Bahraini coastguard boats returning after participating in a maritime exercise on Wednesday.

In a statement by Bahrain’s Interior Minister General, Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla al-Khalifa: In this context, the threats and humiliation of the Coast Guard police by the Qatar Board and Coast Guard are totally unacceptable, for being an abuse against Bahrain police personnel while carrying out their duties. It is not acceptable for our sincere security men.

Al-Khalifa said: Actually, we have swiftly controlled an armed incident in the middle of the sea through the presence of the required force to tackle the situation at the right time and place and put an end to this reckless and dangerous situation. He also added that the recent incident was part of Qatari behavior that targets Bahrainis and their livelihoods.

Al-Khalifa also related: This incident was part of the Qatari conduct that targets Bahrainis and their livelihoods, in which 2153 individuals and 560 Bahrain-registered boats had violations registered against them from 2010 to 2020 in waters that have always been a livelihood source for them and their fathers and grandfathers.

Moreover, Al-Khalifa’s statement stated on Monday that Bahrainis do not expect such practices from the Qatari authorities because they are against traditions.

He also said: Furthermore, Bahrain has always welcomed GCC fishermen in its waters. Accordingly, the Interior Ministry holds the Qatari side legally accountable for all violations against the citizens and their livelihoods. It will take the required procedures and measures to protect fishermen and their source of income.

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