Tribal confrontations in southern Tunisian

According to a Medenine town hospital, a man was killed and dozens of people injured; two are in a dangerous situation in tribal confrontations on Sunday that broke out over a land contested in southern Tunisia.

Indeed, the residents of the governorates of Medenine and Kebiliwere were struggling about the ownership of an area named Aïn Sekhouna that is situated between the two and boasts a hot spring in the middle of the desert. In fact, the governorates are near to the Libyan and Algerian borders.

Security forces supported by military units used tear gas to separate those involved, many of whom were armed with sticks and shotguns, according to the official TAP news agency.

The security forces union-related that 83 injured were transported to nearby hospitals using ambulances from surrounding areas. Whereas, TAP stated that four security officers were wounded in the confrontations, and a security vehicle was damaged.

On his part, Prime Minister, Hichem Mechichi, instructed the ministers of the interior and defense to hold an emergency meeting for a solution to the conflict by legal means.

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