Barbie: Behind the scenes of Dua Lipa’s hit for the film

Famous producer Mark Ronson revisited the design of the song “Dance The Night”, reminding us once again of the singer’s talent and motivation.

On a well dancing, well vibes disco tune, Dua Lipa perfectly accompanied the film Barbie to the soundtrack with “Dance The Night”, produced by Mark Ronson with Andrew Wyatt and the Picard Brothers.

It must be said that the film, which already exceeds $1 billion at the international box office, is a success at all levels.

Dua Lipa’s singing presence on the film was raised in April, raising great expectations for a rosy-clad return, which was ultimately a major success. We now know more about the secret recipe for this tube.

Dua Lipa recently posted a charming carousel on Instagram, revealing some of the private videos she took during the song’s design, from searching for lyrics using scenes from the film to creating music with an entire orchestra. But that’s not all!

Mark Ronson, the producer, also took the floor on his networks, offering us long explanations about the genesis of the tube while adding some welcome work anecdotes.

“The first time we worked on ‘Dance The Night,’ we wrote a fucking song that we all loved… but we didn’t have the scenes yet because they were in the edit.”

This detail is important because the renowned producer then adds that when she watched the scenes a few months later Dua Lipa was so impressed that she wanted to rewrite everything to “complete what was happening”.

They then returned to the studio while the singer was on a world tour:

“Dua started freestyle with lyrics inspired by what Margot (Robbie) was doing on the screen. I started getting goosebumps, especially on the phrase ‘come along for the ride’.”

With tenacity and ambition, they continued to work on the piece:

“That’s why I love Dua so much, we had an entire song and she was ready to spend an extra hundred hours refining a word and a line, to improve not only the song but THE WHOLE SCENE.”

In addition to being behind one of the tracks that proudly bears the film’s soundtrack, Dua Lipa can even be seen on the screens as a barbie mermaid alongside John Cena, both dubbed by our frenchies Lena and Seb.

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