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Time: The UAE Shares the Same Goal with the World – Protecting a World We Want to Live In

The UAE shares the same goal with the world, which is to protect a world we want to live in

The American magazine “Time,” in an article about climate change and the UAE’s role, stated that planet Earth is getting hotter, experiencing temperatures not seen in 125,000 years. The impact of this is evident from wildfires in the Mediterranean to Canada, which emitted over a billion tons of carbon dioxide. Our weather has become more extreme, and Pakistan is still recovering from devastating floods last year that took thousands of lives and damaged or destroyed 2.2 million homes. Europe alone suffered around 60,000 heat-related deaths in 2022.

100 Days before COP28

The magazine added that without the collective leadership of the G20, the world will remain hostage to climate inaction. With just over 100 days until this year’s COP28 meeting in the United Arab Emirates, the world needs to intensify efforts, commit to necessary obligations, and unite in concerted efforts.

The report indicates that the world still has an opportunity to maintain the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, if countries act collectively and with unprecedented unity. Climate containment is a political, technological, and engineering challenge that requires political, technological, and engineering responses.

Hope in Renewable Energy

Regarding this, the article’s author suggests, “First, we need to accelerate the transformation of the global energy system through a fair and organized transition. This involves rapidly increasing renewable energy while building toward a fuel-free energy system, tirelessly eliminating all forms of fossil fuels. From now until 2030, this means tripling global renewable capacity to 11,000 gigawatts, over eight times the total generating capacity of the United States.”

Zero Methane Emissions

He continued, “Oil and gas companies must agree to net zero, eliminate methane emissions by 2030, align themselves with net zero by 2050 or earlier. In parallel, we need to double low-carbon hydrogen production, a vital fuel for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, steel, and aluminum.”

Updating Climate Financing Structure

He added that the world needs to update our climate financing structure to mobilize the public and private capital required for the transition. The developing world alone requires trillions of dollars in annual investments. Therefore, the starting point should be restoring confidence in the multilateral system.

The author called for rethinking the way we produce and consume food. The entire global food system is responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. We need a transition to regenerative agriculture that works with nature, not against it, which stores carbon and doesn’t emit it. This approach renews the soil instead of depleting it, all while providing enough food for everyone.

He concluded that success in each field depends on utilizing every tool at our disposal, spreading low-carbon energy such as nuclear energy, creating high-quality voluntary carbon markets, and encouraging the use of organic fertilizers. Such massive steps will push the boundaries of what is financially, materially, and politically possible. But with collective will from governments, the private sector, and each one of us, we can achieve it.

He emphasized clear priorities: everyone should accelerate a fair and organized energy transition, fix climate finance, focus on life and livelihoods, and make COP28 more comprehensive.

The UAE’s Contribution to Saving the World

The article’s author concluded by expressing hope for an agreement in the coming months, as ultimately, the UAE shares the same goal of protecting a world we all want to live in—a world with fewer people dying from heat stress, with natural disasters causing fewer casualties, crops surviving droughts, infrastructure resilient to the climate, and climate finance available and affordable to all.

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