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Billions from Qatar to denigrate Saudi Arabia

To provide support by funding foreign media, which has intensified since the boycott of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain, Qatar has spent around $ 1 billion (3.75 billion riyals).

This Qatari support of these media occurs through the direct and indirect acquisition of these media, or by targeting the purchase of influential voices in these media, and by using them to insult Saudi Arabia and question all of its successes, as well as offending the four countries that ended the Doha intervention in supporting terrorism and extremism.

Since the start of the crisis, Doha has executed a new media system that included newspapers, research centers, digital channels and pages on social networking sites, besides to supporting this system with personalities requested to security or belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood ideology to carry out organized and well-studied campaigns to target Arab countries, in particular boycott countries.

Doha not only launched the Al-Jazeera offense and its attempts to destabilize Arab countries, but also included a lot of media arms to ensure a media mobilization that everyone knows.

Indeed, more than 10 predominantly Arab countries (in addition to India, Iran and Israel) have closed the offices of Qatari Al-Jazeera channels, and this was not with coincidence, especially since this extents a period of many years, dating back to 1999 and occurred to the last year, which is a period of about two decades, that has affirmed that the Channel adopt political incitement and a destructive approach targeting in the stability of the region, and promotes special agendas, while the Hamdeen regime is behind this, with all its intention to destabilize security, to set up incentive programs and to support extremist and terrorist groups.

Moreover, and between 1999 and 2019, Al-Jazeera offices were closed in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Morocco, Emirates, Yemen and Sudan, even that some of them reopened the offices after many years or periods of closure and suspension.

Global intelligence also revealed that the founding of the Al-Jazeera channel came about purely intelligence interests, which Qatar took advantage of the Saudi request to stop broadcasting the BBC Arabic service from the satellite to because of the launch of offensive campaigns targeting the Kingdom. Therefore, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani generated the idea of ​​creating the Al-Jazeera channel and attracted more than 150 people from BBC staff right after it closed in 1996, hoping that the channel would reach a force of influence for the Qatar on the international stage, by spreading discord, by deceiving public opinion and by providing support for terrorism.

Al-Jazeera then began its distribution to destabilize security and stability in the region, and because of its hostile behavior, tensions intensified in the region. In Algeria in 1999, it practiced incitement to animosity. Since 2002, it has started his campaigns of incitement to hate against the Kingdom, since the late King Abdullah ben Abdulaziz (he was crown prince) proposed the peace project in the Middle East, therefore Qatar has accused the Kingdom to betray the Palestinian cause, which pushed the Kingdom to withdraw its ambassador, Saleh Altaimi, from Doha.

Political and military analyst Brigadier General Dr. Ali Tawati informed Al-Watan that since the shutdown of BBC Arabic by a decision of the Saudi group Orbit in the 1990s, Hamad ben Khalifa Al-Thani has launched Al- Jazeera to target the Kingdom with direct funding from him two years after the shutdown of BBC Arabic, in the amount of $ 150 million.

Al-Jazeera inherited from his counterpart, BBC Arabic, and along with his staff he also inherited his hatred for the Kingdom, this clearly revealed Qatar’s desire to dominate the Gulf, after the Emir of Qatar adopted the media as a means of taking down whoever wanted it in the Arab region.

Tawati explained: Al-Jazeera media executives belong to intelligence services and foreign references. After the boycott of Qatar by the Arab Quartet, the hidden media system that Doha secretly runs has emerged through a network of advisers in order to strengthen its position in the region, and to show that Qatar benefits from a comprehensive political system, and through ignoring the conflicts that graze the body of the ruling family, and ignoring the injustice that has befallen the members of the people, and collectively canceling their affiliation.

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