WHO and UAE provide assistance to refugees fleeing from Ethiopia to Sudan

State news agency WAM reported that the World Health Organization released assistant on Thursday to refugees escaping from Ethiopia to Sudan.

WAM also related that the UAE’s Emirates Sky Cargo rented two aircrafts, activating a humanitarian airbridge bringing aid to tens of thousands of refugees and displaced individuals.

It should be signaled that a bloody civil conflict has occurred in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, which has obliged civilians to flee to the west. It was delivered Ninety-six metric tons of medical materials that are expected to help almost 200,000 patients.

WAM also stated that Another Emirates Sky Cargo aircraft left Dubai this morning (Thursday) to Sudan, transporting 95 metric tons of relief and shelter aid provided by the IHC Community, including United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, IFRC, World Food Programmes (WFP -UNHRD and Fittest) and Doctors Without Borders, MSF.

Moreover, Humanitarian organization Relief Web related at the end of November that approximately 6,000 Ethiopians have been daily passing the border to Sudan since November 7. About 40,000 Ethiopians have arrived in Sudan, while the UN and other aid agencies are currently trying to help.

According to Politico EU, in mid-November, certain estimates declare that about 100,000 people could leave Ethiopia over the next 12 months.

Indeed, anti-government forces have shot missiles that have landed in neighboring Eritrea’s capital of Asmara. Thousands of Ethiopian troops have been removed from Somalia, where regional forces are fighting extremist factions.

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