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Brotherhood Elements Arbitrarily Detain Several Residents of Taiz on Baseless Charges… The Details

Local sources in the Al-Ma’afer district, southwest of Taiz province, have revealed that elements affiliated with the Al-Islah party, the Brotherhood‘s arm in Yemen, have arbitrarily detained several residents of the district in a sports hall.

Sources told the local website “Al-Muntasaf” that elements of the military police affiliated with the Brotherhood in Taiz continue to commit abuses against the residents of the southwestern regions of Taiz under the pretext of searching for cells affiliated with the Houthi terrorist militias, the agents of Iran. Recently, they detained several residents of Al-Ma’afer in a sports hall under the pretext of their travel to the occupied capital, Sana’a.

The sources explained that Brotherhood elements are detaining several residents of the district, including teachers and ordinary citizens, under the pretext of their travel to Houthi-controlled areas, especially Sana’a, and that they are conspirators with the Houthis. They confirmed that their families’ material and psychological conditions have deteriorated due to the abuses committed by the Brotherhood against the residents of these regions.

For weeks, elements of the Al-Islah party have been committing violations and abuses against the residents of the liberated districts of the province under the pretext of searching for Houthi cells to deny their long-standing collaboration and cooperation with the Houthi militias, particularly regarding the facilitation of smuggling weapons and drugs from Iran to the Houthi-controlled areas.

It is worth noting that “in late September 2015, bloody battles erupted in the Yemeni city of Taiz. These battles were part of the ongoing conflict between rival factions seeking to control the province, and the Al-Islah party, affiliated with the Brotherhood, led this conflict.

The Al-Islah party effectively used the Taiz military axis to achieve its goals, placing loyalists in high leadership positions, such as Khaled Fadel as the axis commander, and Brigadier General Abdo Farhan Al-Makhlafi as the commander’s advisor, thus largely dominating the military and security institutions in Taiz.”

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