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How the Muslim Brotherhood Authority Extorts Yemenis… Major Tactics

The (Al-Muntaser Net) website sheds light on the suffering of citizens from various backgrounds and spectra due to being blackmailed by local authorities in the city of Taiz, under the control of the (Reform) party, “the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen.”

The site stated that there are new methods of extortion now available to fragile administrations seeking opportunities to loot others under various pretexts.

It added that several employees of the education office in the Salh directorate in Taiz engage in the worst blackmail behavior towards displaced teachers, contacting them to force them to send money at the beginning of each year under the pretext of a deduction from their salaries for (3) months. Some actually pay, especially female teachers, and those who don’t pay face a deduction from their salary for (3) consecutive months, with the deduction ranging from (5,000) to (20,000), in addition to deductions made from the teachers’ annual bonuses.

Teachers revealed a new method of blackmail related to flimsy excuses, such as the absence of the fourth name, the national number, and the functional number.

A new method of extortion was disclosed by the driver Muath Yusuf, who said: “Creating opportunities for extortion occurs at checkpoints. There are over (30) points between Taiz and Aden, for example, and at each point, the driver and passengers are stopped under the pretext of checking luggage. Some settle for (200) or (500) rials, while others refuse less than (2,000) rials. If you don’t pay, things will get complicated, and the journey will be hindered, buses will be stopped without reason.

There are also other methods of extortion, especially in food markets where prices constantly rise, as well as in the medical sector, which has become one of the most profitable sectors.

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