By 2028… Apple will be able to self-repair any screen scratches

Thanks to advancements in screen technology, smartphones with self-repairing screens are expected to appear by 2028.

The way this could work is through integrating a nano-layer on the screen’s surface, which, when scratched, creates a new material that reacts to air and heat to fill the gap. This is not science fiction; it is a feasible reality.

Companies have been talking for years about self-repairing smartphone screen technology. Of course, we are not talking about magically fixing shattered screens but repairing minor cosmetic scratches.

Historical Overview

The South Korean electronics giant LG has been promoting self-repair technology for its smartphones since 2013.

The company released a smartphone called the G Flex, featuring a vertically curved screen and a “self-healing” coating on its back. The company did not explain exactly how this technology worked at the time. Similarly, a few other phone manufacturers have touted self-healing materials in their smartphones.

In 2017, Motorola filed a patent for a polymer-made screen that repairs itself when cracked.

Obstacles and Challenges

However, this technology has not yet been found in a commercially successful phone. There are several barriers to launching such phones on a large scale.

First, companies need significant investment in research and development to ensure they can identify new innovations in smartphone screens. Consumer education is also required to market these phones, ensuring users understand the extent of damage that can be repaired without manual intervention.

It’s worth noting that phone manufacturers have become more innovative with display technology, as foldable screens can now bend hundreds of thousands of times throughout their lifespan with minimal impact.

Apple‘s Patent

Future iPhones could self-repair any screen scratches thanks to Apple‘s latest patent, potentially changing the future of foldable devices. This innovation uses a self-healing layer that automatically repairs screen damage without any intervention.

The patent, titled “Electronic Devices with Flexible Display Cover Layers,” describes Apple‘s design for a special layer of material called elastomer, which helps it bend.

Above this is a self-healing layer. When the screen gets scratched, this layer can fill the damage on its own. There are also methods to manually start the healing process using heat, light, or electric current.

The diagrams in the patent show the self-repair layer covering the entire screen or just the flexible part. There is also a heating layer that can be activated when charging the device or manually by the user to aid the healing process.

Although Apple has secured this impressive new patent, we do not know when or if this technology will appear in actual products.

However, rumors suggest that Apple is working on several exciting projects like the new iPhone SE, a foldable phone, and augmented reality glasses. This new self-repair technology could make future Apple devices more durable and easier to use.

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