Colored Foods… Do They Pose a Risk to Your Children’s Lives?

While children are the largest consumers of food dyes (which are abundant in sweets, ice cream, and dairy products), they have also been found to be the primary victims of these dyes; as their harmful side effects manifest particularly during childhood.

Although small amounts of food coloring have been approved for consumption by health ministries around the world, doctors recommend consuming as little as possible due to their health hazards, even in small quantities. Doctors say that all types of candy contain a large amount of food coloring, especially the most harmful dye to children, known as “tartrazine.”

What do you do when children insist on consuming colored foods?

Experts say that some dairy products may have brightly colored packaging, but the cheese or yogurt inside appears pale; because they contain natural food coloring. In this way, parents can replace other sweets that actually contain harmful food coloring.

Experts advise parents to read the product ingredients on the outer packaging to ensure that the desired candy does not contain a high proportion of harmful colorants, and to choose foods that contain natural colors.”

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