Calls for Classifying Sudan’s Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization

The shocking scenes of Sudanese being beheaded and their bodies displayed, carried out by some military personnel and celebrated days ago, have ignited social media. The responsibility has been attributed to the Muslim Brotherhood group for stoking the war and insisting on its continuation to preserve its interests.

Many Sudanese activists have criticized the incitement campaigns led by the Islamic movement, through its affiliated media outlets, and in meetings held with local tribes, asserting that what we see today is the result of extensive incitement campaigns, leading to pushing brother to kill brother, neighbor, colleague, and celebrating it as a victory. If you die, you are a martyr, and your reward will be paradise.

Many activists have called for the Muslim Brotherhood to be classified as a terrorist organization, and for anyone seeking to hinder negotiations for a ceasefire between the army and the Rapid Support Forces to be punished.

They affirmed that the US sanctions previously imposed on Sudan’s former Foreign Minister, the leader of the Islamic movement Ali Karti, were clear evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s involvement in the war ongoing for months.

It should be noted that the “Kizan” are those who fired the first shot in the ongoing war in Sudan. They have bolstered the atmosphere of conflict to facilitate their return to the forefront and take the reins of affairs once again. They are currently in the consolidation phase by eliminating anyone within the military apparatus who opposes them or stands against their plans.

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