Coconut oil – 5 unknown benefits  

Coconut oil conceals treasures that are still too little known. Its benefits are multiple and very effective against certain health, skin or hygiene problems. Here are 5 to convince you!

Coconut oil is widely used around the world. Particularly in the kitchen. But it has many other benefits, still too little known. However, it can be very interesting to integrate it into your care and beauty routine. And this for many reasons. It can be used from head to toe to care for you, not just to consume it. If you have health or skin concerns, it is ideal! Especially if you are looking for natural and inexpensive solutions. Just like castor oil for hair growth, for example, coconut oil has many little hidden treasures in its composition.. You still need to know them to get the most out of them. To help and inform you, here are 5 still unknown benefits of coconut oil, which will surely make you want to use it…

An ally against eczema…

If you suffer from eczema, there are many treatments you can benefit from. The key is to talk to your dermatologist beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises. On the other hand, if you want to try a slightly more natural solution, coconut oil would be very effective against these skin concerns. If you have eczema, you probably have intense itching that leads to scratching that can introduce a number of bacteria. And it has been proven that applying coconut oil to the skin can reduce their appearance and proliferation by up to 95%. As you will have understood, this product is full of lauric acid, whose antibacterial activity is high. So in case of eczema, do not hesitate to adopt it!

And against acne!

In addition to being a great ally against eczema, coconut oil can also help fight acne. Indeed, it could be a natural and reasonable option in case of skin infections or acne vulgaris.. Be careful though, it is always interesting and important to talk about it with a professional beforehand. Like a dermatologist, for example, who can best guide you on your needs depending on your type of acne. However, coconut oil would have significant beneficial effects on the skin. Like for example anti-inflammatory effects that protect against UV rays. It may also improve the skin’s natural function as a barrier against environmental damage.

For vaginal health

Although there is little scientific research on the use of coconut oil as a natural lubricant, it is still often used in this way. Not to mention that some women also use coconut oil as a solution for vaginal dryness.. It is to be applied in small quantities before going to bed for example. If it is very moisturizing for the vagina, it is still better to talk to your doctor beforehand. After all, prevention is better than cure. The goal is to avoid any harmful and undesirable effects on your health. The fatty acid in coconut oil would also prevent the proliferation of fungi responsible for certain infections.

As a moisturizer

Yet another benefit of coconut oil: hydration. Indeed, it has significant moisturizing properties for the skin. You can thus apply a few drops daily and integrate it into your daily beauty and facial care routine. Especially since it is a very natural solution since it does not contain chemical perfumes or other artificial ingredients that can cause infections and irritations. Not to mention that coconut oil is also very good for the hair. So you can apply it as a mask, let it sit on your head overnight, before rinsing it off the next morning. Your hair will be more hydrated, supple and shiny.

Better oral health

A technique called “oil pulling,” which involves swirling oil in your mouth, is often used with coconut oil or olive oil. This relieves and minimizes gum or dental plaque problems. Thus, coconut oil would be very beneficial for oral health in general.. You can even brush your teeth with it since it has whitening properties. As well as lemon or coal for example. Especially since its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties would help prevent the appearance of cavities. As you will have understood, integrating coconut oil into your routine can only be beneficial for your oral hygiene. It is still necessary to use it regularly and carefully.

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