Conflict on the Leader’s Chair: Conflicts between rival factions are taking down what remains of the Muslim Brotherhood group

The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is living through difficult times, with conflicts between rival fronts witnessing an unprecedented organizational and structural collapse. The Brotherhood Front in Turkey announced the appointment of its leader, Mahmoud Hussein, as acting leader, in a clear challenge to the Front in London, which caused a major crisis within the Brotherhood.

Internal conflict

The three rival Brotherhood fronts are in conflict and recrimination following the death of acting Supreme Guide Ibrahim Mounir on November 4th, according to a report by Vision. The Mahmoud Hussein Front claimed the position, which means that a fierce war will erupt within the organization to write the end of the terrorist organization.

Dr. Ibrahim Rabie, a former Brotherhood leader and an expert on terrorist groups, said the terrorist group is witnessing a state of severe divisions, especially after the failure of the 11-11 plan. He said the conflicts raging among the Brotherhood’s leaders are aimed primarily at controlling executive positions within the organization, as each front tries to resolve the conflict in its favor and seize what remains of the disbanded organization, as well as obtaining leadership to obtain support and funds.

The former Muslim Brotherhood leader added: There is a sharp disagreement between the London and Turkey fronts, which escalates significantly because each front wants to ascend its leadership to take over the reins of the terrorist group, pointing out that the London front is the strongest front, especially in light of the group’s current media presence in London after their failure in Turkey.

The Beginning of Schism

A third movement recently emerged that fights over the leadership of the group, belonging to the Kemalist Front, according to Muhammad Kamal, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who was liquidated in clashes with security forces in 2016. He was leading the armed and specific committees of the Muslim Brotherhood. Observers confirmed that the coming weeks will strengthen the London Front’s position in response to Mahmoud Hussein’s step, and that it will not recognize his appointment as acting leader. A new round of conflicts and media and organizational exchanges will begin between the two fronts, especially as there is a new development and deepening divisions within the Brotherhood and increasing conflicts between its fronts.

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