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Despite Kuwait’s demand for a truce, Qatari media continue to insult the Quartet

After more than three years of the boycott of Qatar by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, they have strongly affected all areas of Doha, and although many allegations of Qatar’s efforts for reconciliation current Arab, mediated by Kuwait and the United States, the media affiliated to Doha did not hesitate to attack the Arab Quartet using all means..

Once the diffusion of the reconciliation announcements and the successful efforts between America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Doha continued to push its electronic flies via social networks and media, including channel Al-Jazeera, without respecting Kuwait’s demands for a truce, and it celebrated the consequences of the reconciliation on the Qatari economy and the stock market that recorded hard losses, and thus Qatari stocks increased, and the main Qatari index increased by 1.7%, which proves the need for Doha to return to ties and investment.

Notwithstanding Qatar’s current negotiations with Saudi Arabia, it still seeks to denigrate the Arab Quartet, particularly after the Kingdom has declared that reconciliation would only take place if Doha stops supporting terrorism so that the organization Al-Hamdeen impulses his soldiers and mercenaries to insult Riyadh.

Indeed, Al-Jazeera recently led an organized campaign against Saudi Arabia and its crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, as it highlighted Saudi Arabia’s comments about the killing of the Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, and alleged international rejection of the decision of the Saudi Ulema council to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, as well as declarations of an Israeli plane passing over the sky of the Riyadh.

Al-Jazeera also claimed that there was a disagreement between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and this is not true and alleged in other reports that the Kingdom was suffering from an economic crisis and it loaning $ 7 billion, it also trying to defame the Saudi crown prince.

Qatar has also pushed its mercenaries through social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to insult Saudi Arabia, particularly during the past two days when fake accounts have appeared, diffusing many false claims about the Kingdom, including the allegation of Saudi support for the brotherhood, while the Kingdom has classified them as a terrorist group, besides to the assertion that the crown prince has taken many negative procedures which disturb the Kingdom, and insults the symbols of Riyadh, such as the first Saudi knight, Alia abutayeh alhwiti, whom she receives money to promote her country, but she quickly dismissed this.

Concerning Egypt, Qatari newspapers intentionally published allegations that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were overthrown from reconciliation, and exploiting the case of prisoners of the Egyptian initiative for personal rights who have recently released, and also misrepresenting the current Cairo International Film Festival, as well as attempting to offend the Egyptian Endowments Ministry, and claiming that there was the stealing of billions of dollars and loss of buildings, but this is not entirely true.

Besides, Qatar has not hesitated to denigrate the United Arab Emirates that it considers its first enemy in the Gulf because of its significant role in the Arab region and its enormous international success. He ignored Kuwait’s appeal to spread calm and published an episode on the Almotahari program on Al-Jazeera the day after that included severe insults in the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Jazeera published many reports with claims of the existence of disagreements between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, especially within the organization OPEC, and this is not true. It also claimed that Amnesty International had renewed its call to the United States to stop the announced arms sales to the United Arab Emirates and misrepresents the Abu Dhabi purchase of 50% of the Beitar Jerusalem club.

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