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Destructive Instinct Force.. “Trumpophobia” invades America 

Perhaps Trump is theatrical, but his shocking statements reveal his intentions in his second term as president. Therefore, his statements should be taken seriously.

Warnings are taking over the political scene in the United States and are on the verge of turning into “phobia” of the former president’s return to power, which can be considered “Trumpophobia.”

Compared to the first term, Trump‘s second term will be a turning point, and his destructive instincts will be evident in governance, while facing less resistance to his plans, according to the American newspaper “The Washington Post.”

The newspaper pointed to the headline of the latest issue of the British magazine “The Economist,” which read “Donald Trump poses the greatest threat to the world in 2024,” carrying a warning on two fronts: the first is the possibility of Trump winning the next presidential elections, and the second, his intentions if he wins a new presidential term.

The magazine believes that Trump‘s victory in the 2024 elections will be significantly different from his first victory in 2016.

Trump had announced in many of his speeches that his second term would be a retaliatory period, where he would use the Department of Justice as a weapon to pursue his opponents.

Recently, Trump announced the names of individuals to be targeted in investigations, including several officials who served in his administration, such as former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, former Attorney General William Barr, and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley. Trump also threatened to pursue Biden and his family.

The newspaper emphasized that dealing with everything Trump says literally is a good question. He is a showman living in the moment, knows how to shock and provoke his opponents, and considers the press as one of those opponents.

The newspaper insists on the need for the press and all Americans concerned about the future to take Trump seriously, as “The Economist” did in its latest issue. He has loyal followers, fiercely loyal, clinging to his words, and following his political directions regardless of what they may be in the future.

A new opinion poll conducted by “The Washington Post” and Monmouth University for Republican primary voters in New Hampshire not only sheds light on Trump‘s progress over his competitors in party nomination but also confirms the stability of his supporters behind him.

In the past few days, reports published by “The Washington Post” and “The New York Times” about the policies and measures that Trump may adopt during his second term have tried to shed light on the potential use of the Department of Justice to pursue his opponents and enemies, as well as adopting a wide-ranging campaign against immigration, in addition to purges that affect the executive branch.

Campaign officials for Trump tried to issue a statement exonerating the former president and described talks about the policies he would adopt in his second term as mere speculation and theories based on some work carried out by research and intellectual institutions friendly to Trump, and other reports not directly related to his election campaign. This is despite these articles and news reports being based on statements made by Trump himself.

However, no matter how much Trump‘s advisors try to distance him from this news, Trump himself does not seek to disassociate himself from talking about what he will do in his second term. In a recent interview, Trump did not deny what “The Washington Post” reported about the possibility of using the Department of Justice to pursue opponents, indicating that he might do so if he returns to office.

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