In a move to expedite proceedings, Trump is preparing to conclude the election fraud case.

A Fulton County judge said he hopes to decide on the timelines for the trial of former U.S. President Donald Trump and others in the Georgia election interference case next week. The joint trial, involving about nineteen defendants, including former President Donald Trump, accused of interfering in the 2020 presidential elections, is expected to last around four months, according to state prosecutors.

According to The Guardian, Judge Scott McAfee held the first hearing in the Georgia election interference case on Wednesday, which includes 19 defendants. During the hearing, Fulton County District Attorney Nathan Wade said that the joint trial, including all nineteen defendants, would take about four months.

He also stated that the trial would involve approximately 150 witnesses and that the timeline does not take into account the selection of the jury.

McAfee rejected Kenneth Chisenbro’s request to separate his case from his co-defendant, Sidney Powell, and ordered the defendants to appear in court together on October 23. McAfee disagreed with the requests of Chisenbro and Powell, both lawyers who worked alongside Trump’s campaign in 2020, who wanted to handle their case separately from the other defendants and each submitted requests for a speedy trial.

Chisenbro’s attorney, Scott Grubman, argued that while Chisenbro’s case revolves around the scheme of fake voters, Powell’s case primarily involves violations of voting systems in Cobb County.

At the same time, the state prosecutor, Wade, said that even if Chisenbro and Powell’s cases were separated, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office would still require “definitely” the same amount of time and witnesses for the trial.

However, McAfee disagreed, saying, “Based on what has been presented today, I don’t find it necessary to sever Mr. Chisenbro or Ms. Powell. We can do that, and I’m prepared to hear what you have to say about it.”

McAfee, who decided to comply with Chisenbro and Powell’s request for a speedy trial, has not yet issued a final ruling on whether the remaining 17 defendants will also be tried in October.

The Washington Post has confirmed that all the legal cases faced by former U.S. President Donald Trump do not seem to weaken his strong chances in the 2024 elections. With mounting demands to expedite the trial, Trump appears poised to run for the 2024 elections without charges or trials.

The four indictments against former President Donald Trump have not weakened him so far. Instead of making him more vulnerable in the Republican primary elections or urging him to resign, the “legal issues” he faces have not had a significant impact – rather, they have been somewhat positive – on his political fortunes. There are still fourteen months until November 2024, the date set for the presidential elections, but so far, Trump is on track to become the Republican Party’s nominee and has a fair chance, even a strong one, of defeating President Biden or any other Democrat.

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