Did the Muslim Brotherhood negatively affect European sympathy for the Palestinian cause? 

The journalist Ibrahim Eissa said, “Islam has been hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe (Germany, France, and England), and they present themselves as Islam, and their extremism and rigidity make the Western public opinion oscillate due to the distortion of their perception.”

Eissa added, through the channel “alkaherawalnas”, that Western countries are not united in their stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and they are not entirely against the Arabs. On the contrary, there is a large segment of the European left that supports the cause due to their sense that the West is colonial and capitalist.

Eissa explained that the problem of Arab peoples is their inability to communicate with the West, while there are associations in Western countries against Zionism in Europe, and there are Jews against Zionism as well, emphasizing that there are individuals in Europe who advocate for the Palestinian cause, but the concepts imposed by the Muslim Brotherhood on those societies have caused a lack of understanding among Europeans.

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