French campaigns to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in the European Union… Details 

After the Muslim Brotherhood failed to exploit most European capitals to revive the organization, French political, parliamentary, and media figures, along with non-governmental organizations, launched calls and campaigns aimed at permanently banning the Muslim Brotherhood in France and the European Union.

These campaigns called for classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, in addition to dissolving all associations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, warning of the group’s ability to incite strife in the French suburbs at an opportune time.

Through his social media platforms, French Senator Stéphane Ravier asked: “Will you dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood? Will you order the dissolution of associations collaborating with Hamas? Will you keep this fifth column away from causing harm? The group is already among us, and it must be eliminated, or we will perish,” as reported by Sky News Arabia.

Ravier added: “The Muslim Brotherhood living among us, due to the reckless immigration policy you all supported in France, either out of weakness or complacency, must be treated in the same way they are in Israel, through a radical and harsh response.”

Ravier’s posts received significant interaction and widespread support from many French citizens, who reshared them and demanded the expulsion of the Muslim Brotherhood, describing the European Union as complicit with them. They also noted that Austria was the first European country to ban the Muslim Brotherhood and several organizations of political Islam through a new anti-terrorism law in 2021.

On the other hand, several European organizations, including the French-Swiss organization “Christian Solidarity”, launched a popular and official campaign to sign a petition calling for the ban of the Muslim Brotherhood in all European Union countries, warning of the continuity of the financial support provided by Brussels institutions to organizations and networks affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.

The participants in the campaign called for the separation of the Muslim Brotherhood from the European Union, and that it should be a clear commitment from candidates running in the upcoming European elections, as well as preventing the provision of any funds or facilities to any association overseen by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The petition warned that “bloodthirsty extremist militias affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood also threaten the French people, so it is important to sign the petition to expel them from France.”

Recently, French Senate member Jacqueline Eustache Brinio called for swift action, as the majority of French regions are currently affected by radical political Islamic ideas. She warned of some regions and neighborhoods showing signs of future separatist tendencies from the Republic.

Political observers believe that Muslim Brotherhood circles in France began losing influence in 2020 following the murder of history teacher Samuel Paty, as a result of Islamist incitement through social media platforms.

The international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has tried various methods and approaches throughout its nearly century-long political life, including blending politics with religious advocacy, secrecy with publicity, appeasement of governments and regimes, and resorting to terrorism. This journey has not ended with the assumption of power in some countries, yet they emerged from their various experiences empty-handed.

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