Do Iraqi militia groups allied with Iran intervene in the Gaza war? 

In parallel with the escalating situation in the Gaza Strip, several leaders of armed Iraqi factions allied with Iran have moved to locations in Syria and Lebanon, despite recommendations to await a final decision on the developments in Gaza.

These armed groups have been traveling regularly to these two countries along with armed personnel, and their mission does not appear to be combat-related. Instead, it involves reconnaissance and coordination with Syrian and Lebanese groups at border locations, as reported by the Middle East newspaper, citing informed Iraqi sources.

This occurs despite the fact that the leaders of the ruling (Coordinating Framework) alliance received regional recommendations to exercise caution until a final stance is determined regarding the evolving situation in Gaza. It appears that field officials have begun moving toward locations in Damascus and Beirut.

According to the same sources, Iraqi factions have received repeated messages from Iranians regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip. The majority of these messages suggest that direct intervention requires a different circumstance and could happen soon, “depending on the expansion of the war theater and the involvement of more parties.”

The sources also mentioned to the newspaper that the decision to exercise caution remains in effect, and the leaders of these factions have traveled to familiarize themselves further with the field details in preparation for any potential action. They stressed that “Iraqi factions are waiting for orders that have not yet been received, and there is no intention to act without clear Iranian orders.”

Meanwhile, the media machinery of the (Coordinating Framework) alliance’s parties continues to disseminate information about the “readiness of Iraqi resistance to transition to the field and carry out offensive operations against American and Israeli interests.”

In the meantime, the American (Farda) radio reported, citing informed sources, that the Deputy Commander of the al-Quds Force, Mohammad Reza Fallahzadeh, and the Iranian Ambassador in Baghdad held a meeting in recent days attended by Nouri al-Maliki and leaders of Iran-aligned factions, including “Hezbollah Brigades.” During the meeting, Iranian officials requested the intensification of media attacks against Israel and support for Hamas, as well as the registration of volunteers to fight against Israel.

According to the sources, the al-Quds Force requested the readiness of the militias and waiting for Iranian orders.

Iraqi politicians emphasize that the leaders of the (Coordinating Framework) alliance in Iraq are keen on publicly showing their support for Palestinian resistance in Gaza. However, discussions in recent days about the “participation of the factions” in the clashes against the Israelis have not concluded with a definitive decision. Nevertheless, the decision will be made in consultation with Iran in the event that the situation escalates to involve international powers such as the Americans.

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