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Egypt condemns six to death in the case of killing two policemen in 2016

A judicial source reported that an Egyptian criminal trial condemned on Wednesday six people with claims that they are belonging to the prevented Muslim Brotherhood group to death for killing two policemen in 2016.

The trial also pronounced sentences reaching to 10 years in prison to seven others in the same case that two policemen were killed in the northern province of Sharqiya and their weapons were taken. Five of those condemned to death were tried in absentia while one appeared in court in Zagazig, the capital of Sharqiya.

The prosecution claimed that all 13 belonged to a Muslim Brotherhood cell in the province, resided near Cairo. Accusations against the defendants included murder, joining a terror group, trying to overthrow the government, and stimulating chaos.

Otherwise, authorities in Egypt prevented the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an Islamist political movement, after the 2013 military overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi, who affiliated from the organization.

Indeed, during the rule of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, hundreds of people are suspected Islamists have been convicted in group court that rights groups have described it as unfair, with dozens executed in recent years.

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