Egypt: Young Woman Kills Her Mother Due to Poor Treatment

A woman in her thirties has killed her elderly mother by stabbing her several times in the neck and head with a kitchen knife.

The Egyptian police received a report of the death of a woman in her seventies, who had been stabbed several times in the neck and head in the Al-Malik Al-Saleh area of Old Cairo. The police went to the scene, and after an initial examination, it was determined that the elderly woman had died.

During investigations with the neighbors, it was found that the victim had been living with her daughter in the house and that the daughter was suffering from depression due to her mother’s poor treatment. This led her to commit the murder.

The police arrested the perpetrator, filed a report on the incident, and referred her to the Public Prosecution. The Prosecution ordered the transfer of the deceased’s body to the morgue so that the forensic medicine department could prepare a report on the cause of death and present it to the prosecution as soon as possible.

The accused confessed to committing the crime, stating that her mother always treated her badly and insulted her without reason, which caused her to suffer from a psychological crisis. On the day of the incident, the mother deliberately insulted her, causing her to lose control. She went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed her mother hysterically.

The Public Prosecution ordered the accused to be detained for four days pending investigations, with the possibility of renewal in accordance with legal procedures.

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