Egyptian Woman Miraculously Survives House Fire

A young Egyptian woman named Menna Mohamed El-Gendy miraculously survived a fire that broke out in her apartment in the Al-Amiriya area of Cairo, where she was alone at home when the fire broke out due to an electrical short circuit and couldn’t exit through the front door.

Eyewitnesses reported that the young woman lived in a residential tower on the tenth floor and went out to the balcony to call for help from neighbors, but unfortunately, the electricity was cut off due to the short circuit, making it difficult for her to climb up and gain access to the apartment to rescue her.

Civil defense forces arrived at the scene of the incident, where her brother suggested to the officer in charge to sneak up to his sister from the balcony and windows of adjacent apartments and quickly rescue her before she lost her life due to the intensity of the fire. The officer agreed to the proposal, and her brother successfully completed his mission by assisting the rescue teams.

It turned out that the young woman, aged 20, was a journalism student and was getting ready to leave home to attend her classes at the university when the explosion from a short circuit followed by a power outage, then a fire that quickly intensified with the successive explosions of electrical appliances, plunged her into real moments of terror.

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