Eight People Cause 60 Flights to Be Canceled at Munich Airport: What’s the Story?

German police arrested eight climate activists who had infiltrated Munich Airport grounds on Saturday, causing a brief closure of the airport and leading to the cancellation of about 60 flights during a busy holiday week.

A police spokesperson said that six of the activists glued themselves to one of the airport’s runways, but the situation is now under control, and both runways are open for arrivals and departures.

The group “Last Generation” claimed responsibility for the incident in a series of posts on platform X, where group members appeared sitting on what seemed to be a runway or asphalt road, holding protest signs.

The group had previously staged similar protests.

A post stated: “Six people are sitting in two groups at two different locations at Munich Airport.”

One of the signs read: “The problem is the government, not our holiday.”

A spokesperson mentioned that the airport had been completely closed to departures and arrivals for about two hours.

He added that about 11 flights had been diverted and 60 others canceled, with potential delays still expected.

The disruption occurred during one of the busiest travel periods for the airport in southern Germany, second only to the Easter holiday period, according to airport officials.

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