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Emirati humanitarian aid to Gaza continues… Details 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to transport humanitarian aid to assist civilians in the Gaza Strip, for the 77th day. The number of cargo planes has reached 143, in addition to two cargo ships and 298 land transport trucks from Egypt, carrying a total of 14,375 tons of humanitarian aid, in accordance with the directives of UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

In the same context, a second Emirati aid ship, carrying 4,016 tons of humanitarian materials, arrived in Al-Arish to be delivered to Gaza as part of the “The Gallant Knight 3” operation. The Emirati humanitarian and emergency aid aims to alleviate the suffering of civilians in the region, especially women and children. 

The Emirati bridge continues to transport medical, food, and emergency supplies to Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip. In a separate context, the UAE announced that the field hospital, operational for about a month, has provided medical services to more than 50,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, performing dozens of complex operations. 

Adnan Abu Hasna, UNRWA official in the Gaza Strip, praised the Emirati field hospital established to treat the region’s residents, confirming that most of the agency’s centers in the region are no longer able to provide humanitarian services due to the influx of displaced people. Abu Hasna stated in an interview with Al-Ittihad: it is necessary to replicate the experience of the Emirati field hospital in Rafah, where it has become a refuge for thousands of injured and those in need of surgical intervention.

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