Employees of Iraqi Airways Assaulted… Truth about the Viral Video

Iraqi Airways issued a statement on Monday regarding the reality of a circulating video that some claim shows passengers assaulting Iraqi Airways employees.

The government-owned company stated in its release: “The management of Iraqi Airways denies what has been circulated on some social media platforms in the form of videos attempting to attribute them to one of its offices, showing a brawl between customers and employees of a travel agency unrelated to Iraqi Airways.” It continued: “We are surprised by the dissemination of such false information on social media pages, behind which are individuals affected by the reform and recovery campaigns experienced by the national carrier. Yes, these are misleading pieces of information about the company’s offices, which operate normally and adhere to legal and administrative procedures, with direct oversight from the regulatory authorities of the General Company for Iraqi Airways.”

Videos captured by surveillance cameras showed citizens assaulting employees of the flight reservation office in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The video gained significant popularity on social media.

The cameras revealed a violent altercation inside the flight reservation office, where employees were brutally attacked by passengers who entered and assaulted them due to the delay of their flight for takeoff.

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