Enhances Memory and Learning: Amazing Benefits of Manganese for Infants 

Scientists at Boston University in the United States revealed the impact of infants’ exposure to manganese before birth and during childhood.

The study clarified that infants’ exposure to manganese contributes to improving brain functions in the future, including enhancing memory and language learning.

The ‘Neurotoxicology and Teratology’ journal published the study results conducted by researchers who analyzed data related to 140 teenagers aged 10 to 14, collected over seven years (2007-2014).

Researchers focused on the study of baby teeth in the second third of pregnancy and until around the age of six, evaluating neurological disorders.

The study showed a connection between the presence of manganese in teeth during pregnancy and memory performance and learning, indicating that its presence reduces memory errors and advances learning among teenagers.

The results pointed out that having an adequate level of manganese during childhood enhances memory.

Conversely, the presence of manganese from post-birth (from birth to age one) was not associated with improved memory in teenagers.

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