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Epidemics Spread Among Yemenis Due to Houthi War and Brotherhood Complicity… Details

In a depiction of the war costs ignited by the Houthi militias and aided by the Brotherhood militias, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) revealed in a recent report a significant increase in cases of acute watery diarrhea – cholera across various regions.

The organization stated that the number of cases has exceeded 63,000 in most governorates since the beginning of this year, specifically during the past five months.

They added that there has been a significant increase in cases of acute watery diarrhea, with more than 63,000 cases reported between January 1 and May 31, based on statistics released by health authorities. According to the organization, the spread of acute watery diarrhea (AWD) cases covers almost the entire country, with cases recorded in 20 out of 22 governorates. These cases are suspected to be cholera infections.

They noted that more than 2,700 cases among those tested in laboratories are confirmed cholera infections, despite the limited testing capacity in the country.

The report emphasizes that the lack of funding allocated for responding to the outbreak exposes tens of thousands to the inevitable risk of death. According to the organization, many international organizations have limited resources, making their response inadequate and limiting their ability to provide treatment for patients suffering from acute watery diarrhea and cholera, which can kill within hours if left untreated.

This epidemic situation represents a horrific cost borne by the population due to the Houthi war and Brotherhood conspiracies, with both factions having, from the beginning of the war, deliberately caused deterioration in living and service sectors, primarily the health sector, thus opening the door wide to the spread of diseases and epidemics, depriving the population of their right to treatment.

The World Health Organization has announced that Yemen is one of the 23 worst humanitarian and health emergencies in the world, indicating that 17.8 million people will need health support this year, with 2.4 million children under five years old (about half of Yemen’s children) suffering from malnutrition, and a quarter of the population needing mental health support.

Experts believe that, due to the war and the ongoing violations by the Houthi group, Yemen has reached a state of severe health deterioration, with more than half of the population in poor health, especially children, and with 4.5 million displaced persons.

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