Food is a way to preserve your health 

Acidosis or excess acidity in our tissues and organs can potentially lead to all kinds of disorders such as chronic fatigue, irritability, bone fragility, brittle hair and nails, stress, etc.

Unfortunately, in our modern societies, our diet is mainly acidifying such as bread, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, pasta, pastries, sweets, coffee, tea, cocoa, wine (among others).

Alkaline foods (therefore basic) are green vegetables, milk, butter, potato, avocado, banana (among others).

Note that some acid-tasting foods can become alkaline once absorbed, such as honey, lemon and vinegar.

An appropriate diet, physical activity, plants and food supplements can rectify this fragile acid-base balance. After a PH test and proven acidosis, the advice of a general practitioner, naturopath or phytotherapist could be of great help.

But beware, an excess of alkalinization (alkalosis) of the body is also detrimental.

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