Former Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok: Country Faces Ethnic and Racial Divisions Threatening Collapse

Abdallah Hamdok, former Sudanese Prime Minister and head of the Leadership Committee of the Democratic Civil Forces Coordination (Taqaddum), announced that Sudan faces the danger of divisions along ethnic and racial lines, threatening total collapse.

In a recorded speech marking a year since the start of the war in Sudan, posted on Facebook, Hamdok said, “The war tearing our country apart has entered its first year, 12 months of death and destruction, with each day bringing more suffering to our people. Tens of thousands of civilians and military personnel from our people have lost their lives, and millions are displaced between displacement camps and refugee territories.”

Hamdok pointed out that hunger, disease, and poverty are ravaging millions, the bonds of the Sudanese state are breaking, its communications are severed, and its foundational structures built with the efforts and resources of the people are collapsing, with people losing their belongings and their money being plundered and stolen.

According to the Arab News Agency, Hamdok added, “This war did not erupt suddenly, but its causes accumulated day by day, warning us of its impending arrival and the catastrophic consequences it would bring upon our country.”

Hamdok called for adherence to dialogue and peaceful means, drawing inspiration from the spirit of our great revolution that held onto its peacefulness despite facing violence, oppression, and conspiracies.

He continued, “Our compass remained pointed towards the safety and security of our people, and we worked with patriots to prevent the situation from exploding. Internal and external communications did not cease, but some harbored the intent to ignite war, indifferent to its consequences on the country.”

Hamdok added, “Since that day, the efforts of the civil forces to stop the war have not ceased. Contacts with the warring parties, the army, and the Rapid Support Forces continued, as did contacts with regional and international forces and organizations. Our motivation was to end this suffering for our people and to exert every effort necessary.”

He noted that “it took time before we could take an important step by holding a meeting in October 2023 in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, resulting in the formation of the Democratic Civil Forces Coordination (Taqaddum).”

Hamdok stated that Taqaddum’s leadership seeks to meet with the army commander, General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, to discuss ways to end the war, after having met with the Rapid Support Forces commander in Addis Ababa in late December last year.

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