Has a Leader of the Sudanese Army Awoken? Khabbashi’s Statements Against the Muslim Brotherhood Ignite Social Media

The Muslim Brotherhood launched a fierce attack on the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Army, General Shams al-Din Khabbashi, over his remarks about controlling the popular resistance organized and funded by figures from the Kizan tribe, to prevent it from becoming a looming threat to the state.

The newspaper “Al-Rakoba” reported numerous statements criticizing Kabashi, including a tweet from Islamist journalist Hassan Ismail, in which he said: “The man who fears the roars from outside and seeks to appease them at the expense of the internal obligations and challenges should sit in his parents’ house and make way for another leader to lend an ear to the voices of the oppressed and deprived inside and strive to crush the rebellion. This is not the time for maneuvers, bargaining, hesitation, and procrastination.”

He added in a threatening tone: “Dear Khabbashi, you are our hope, so let the external influences be behind you and focus solely on our wounds.”

Ambassador Abdullah al-Azraq wrote: “You have procrastinated, Excellency, in responding to the call of the masses and elites to declare mobilization for several months; the mercenaries are advancing every day, and you have continued to procrastinate in opening the camps to the mobilized. When popular mobilization became inevitable, you hesitated to arm it and you continue to procrastinate, but you are active in arming tribal movements; repeating what you did with the sons of Daglo.”

Dozens of accounts linked to the former ruling party attacked Khabbashi on social media, demanding that he remain silent or step down from his leadership position.

In contrast, the coordinator of the “Taqadum” coalition, Khalid Omar Youssef, said that General Shams al-Din Khabbashi’s statements carried many positive signals, including his talk about welcoming peace efforts in Sudan, the need to control the distribution of weapons and the danger of their uncontrolled proliferation, and his call to political parties wishing to exploit calls for popular resistance not to politicize them for any partisan projects.

On the “X” platform, he said that the positive indicators sense the risks of the continuation of war, its expansion, and the proliferation of weapons, which means a threat to the existence of the state that will inevitably disintegrate if this war continues with these dynamics worsening day by day.

He pointed to the reaction of elements of the former regime who support the continuation of the war, explaining that they launched a wide-ranging attack on Shams al-Din Khabbashi and even on the armed forces themselves.

He added, “This sweeping attack confirms what we have always said, that the former regime is the biggest party responsible for the damage caused to the armed forces, as they infiltrated them with their elements, created parallel forces, and employed them for their partisan interests, and who want to continue in this war they ignited to achieve their vile goals.”

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