France declares that two of its soldiers were killed in Mali

The French presidency reported the murder of two French soldiers with Barkhane force the anti-extremist in Mali on Saturday when their protected vehicle clashed an explosive device. A statement declared that a third soldier was injured in the blast in the Tessalit province of the northeastern region of Kidal.

President Emmanuel Macron lauded tribute to the two dead soldiers, which were members of a paratroop soldier based in Tarbes, southwest France, and he repeats his appeal for a quick transition to civilian rule by the military junta that took power last month.

Moreover, Senior French politicians and military officers have shown anxiety at the effect of the military coup that happened last month during combat against the extremists active in Mali and neighboring countries.

It should be noted that many areas of the territory of Mali are outside of the control of central authorities, while years of combat have failed to stop the revolt that has caused thousands of death since its appearing in 2012. Otherwise, France has extended more than 5,000 troops working in Barkhane anti-extremist force in West Africa.

With this latest incident, the number of French soldiers increases to 45 who have died when they working in the Sahel region since 2013, according to the French army command. Whereas, France lost in November 2019 13 soldiers in a single incident when two helicopters hit during an operation in Mali.

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