“Frightening Effects” on Teenagers’ Mental Health from TikTok

Numerous previous studies have shed light on concerns about increased depression, anxiety, and stress due to the significant and harmful impact on mental health arising from social media platforms.

However, the effects of short-video platforms, characterized by their short and appealing content, have remained less understood until now.

Nevertheless, a new study revealed frightening effects of the TikTok application on teenagers, especially those heavily addicted to it, according to the scientific site “Psypost.”

Addicted users who participated in the study conducted by Chinese researchers at Tianjin University reported much higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, they faced greater academic challenges, including high levels of stress, poor performance, and frequent bullying.

Their family relationships also suffered, characterized by more negative parenting styles and lower levels of parental education.

In contrast, moderate users did not show significant differences in mental health or academic performance compared to non-users, although their family environments exhibited distinct characteristics. However, researchers warned against generalizing the results, indicating the need for further research across diverse cultural contexts and age groups.

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