From 1948 to 2023… The story of an elderly Palestinian woman who experienced two wars 

Palestinian Suaad Al-Alam was one of around 10,000 people forced to flee the Palestinian village of Majdal in 1948, and now, in her nineties, she lives through war in Gaza.

According to the American network CNN, Suaad said, “I see death 20 times a day in the sky and on the ground, and even the strength of every explosion affects us psychologically; it seems like it’s above our heads.”

Majdal, once a bustling market known for its textile industry, turned into rubble after the 1948 war.

All of its homes disappeared long ago, replaced by modern Israeli buildings, with only the old mosque still standing.

Al-Alam, sitting in a refugee tent in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, said, “I lived through the catastrophe of 1948, and now I am living through the catastrophe of 2023.”

She added, “The catastrophe of 2023 is worse. I left my home amidst heavy shelling for more than 10 days. I haven’t had a single meal, haven’t bathed since then, and I couldn’t get my medications.”

Israeli airstrikes continue in Gaza, causing many casualties, amid the collapse of the healthcare system and hospitals for the 20th consecutive day.

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