Gang rape of a Spanish tourist in India

Three men have been arrested by the Indian police, and four others are being sought for attacking Spanish tourists and raping a woman collectively.

The police chief of Dumka in eastern India stated that the police found a couple, both Spanish nationals, around 11 p.m. local time (5:30 p.m. GMT) last Friday on the side of the road, appearing to have been beaten.

He did not provide details about the crime or the identity of the victims, adding that the couple reported being assaulted by seven men.

According to him, one of the arrested suspects provided the authorities with the names of other individuals involved.

The couple, who identified themselves as Vincente and Fernanda to the Spanish television channel Antena 3, said that the men raped Fernanda and repeatedly beat Vincente.

They explained that they had camped near the site of the attack because they couldn’t find nearby hotels.

Fernanda, who holds Brazilian and Spanish citizenship, said, “They raped me, taking turns while some watched over me, and it lasted for about two hours.”

The couple had previously shared videos of their travels around the world on motorcycles on their Instagram account, followed by nearly 200,000 subscribers.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they would send officials to the region, while their Brazilian counterpart said they had requested to contact the Brazilian citizen through their embassy in New Delhi and provide any possible assistance.

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