Germany is in the forefront of supporting Israel’s massacre of civilians in Gaza.. This is what it has provided in terms of weapons

At a time when the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have been continuing for more than a month, and with the increasing scale of massacres against civilians, killing children and women, the German government, which claims to have the highest standards with regard to the fundamental principles of international law, especially the protection of human rights, announced yesterday that approvals for exporting weapons to the Zionist entity this year doubled about (10) times, compared to last year, pointing out that Berlin treated applications for exporting these weapons as a priority since the attack of Hamas fighters on Israel last month.

The German government approved the export of military equipment for 303 million euros ($323 million) to Israel as of November 2nd, according to Reuters.

According to DPA, Germany primarily exports components of air defense systems and communications equipment to Israel.

“Throughout 2022, Germany approved exports of military equipment worth only €32 million.”

It is worth mentioning that the policy adopted by Germany towards the massacres committed by Israel in Gaza for more ‏ (4 weeks) does not depart from the general trend prevailing in the West‎‎.

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