Hair-Straightening Products, pose more of a risk than you may think

According to an American study, smoothing products increase the risk of cancer. What cancer are we talking about? How often are these products dangerous?

Straighten your hair more than 4 times a year

The US National Institute of Health conducted a study of 30,000 women for ten years. Their result is chilling: those who straightened their hair more than 4 times a year increased their risk of developing cancer by 2.5 times.

What cancer are we talking about?

The risk of cancer is that of the uterus. Cancer very sensitive to endocrine disruptors such as the parabens contained in smoothing products. Of the endocrine disruptors which can pass into the bloodstream through the scalp. Especially when the products are leave-in.

Check the ingredients of its products

The Léon Bérard Cancer Center recalls the most commonly used parabens:

the propylparaben (E216 and E217) and butylparaben,

methylparaben (E218 and E219) and ethylparaben (E214 and E215)

Parabens in cosmetics

The parabens are not only present in smoothing products but in many cosmetics : self tannersdeodorants, oral hygiene products, baby care products, makeupskin care, shaving products and depilatory or nail polish lists the Léon Bérard center.

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